Sea scallop Menu

The Sea Scallop Menu

Walk from the beach to the sea through the forest 124 €

Food and wine pairing 174 €


Some iodine delicacies


Organic leek from Cecile, sea scallop, oyster, lard, chicken broth


On the beach

Citrus and orange seasoned crab, jelly and shells, coral tile, caviar.



Incursion into forest

Confit in a smoked butter with pine, mushroom, pine, Mack Khen pepper, dune curry plant.


High Seas

Seared scallop, parsnips, seaweed pickles, broth.


The Goat Cheese of the 'la ferme Purdeau'

Apple, cider vinegar gel, crispy bread syphon

(Supplement of 12 €)


Creamy Key Lime, Dulse ice cream, hazelnut


In the spirit of pain au chocolat, chocolate ganache, yeast ice tile, leaven cream, puff pastry


Candied Kalamansi tiled, orange, squash biscuit, orange and squash sorbet, squash seed praline


Net prices including taxes and services in euro

All of these dishes may contain allergens.

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