The chef

Jean-Marc, a passionate man, in love with his Vendéen land

Native from a small village in south of Vendée (Curzon) he has not forgotten his origin and the terroir to which he is particularly attached.  His grandparents were small farmers, and through them he has acquired a distinction in a taste for natural products cultivated with love.

His numerous trips overseas, enabled him to bring an exotic touch to all these products around us.
What a pleasure for Jean-Marc to share with you an infusion of flavours through his dishes, the work of our farmers and local producers. But also exploring and collecting seasonal plants and seaweeds from the seashore in front of the restaurant.

Today he invites you to share his passion and his world through his cuisine.

He draws his inspiration from the ocean to propose you a culinary exploration combining traditional and innovative dishes.

His main source of inspiration is that the restaurant has an exceptional view of the sea. His obsession for perfection makes his restaurant an essential place.

Le chef 2020

A cuisine drawn from the heart of our region
Michelin star in Vendée


Meeting with interesting professionals all around Brétignolles sur-mer.
The cooking coming from Vendée is being characterised with a strong personality like its chef.

The organic nature of this land, will bring to you scrumptious dishes which your taste buds will know how to appreciate.

Creative sauce like anis celery bulb to go with langoustine, a delicate “Mille feuilles” of crab, jelly of oyster and seaweeds all perfectly measured, a lobster in which a blend of all the flavours obtained from the dune and the sea.

The view facing the sea will make you appreciate a blissful moment of the oceanic scenery.
Jean-Marc is a man of passion who describes his research with simplicity and kindness.
In this Restauant the products of Vendée and from the sea will be of excellent quality.



With assistance from his wife, the restaurant is a family story.

Having acquired this property about 15 years ago, in a semi abandoned condition, the family estimated the potential value of this place.

Years after years, with a concept of a farmer, they have invested and reached to today’s result: a starred restaurant awarded in 2014, and a 3 stars hotel cradled by the waves of the ocean.

Today, assisted by his son Mathieu behind the scene, the establishment is developing to a new dimension.


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